Starling Advisor was established in 2012 to create support for improving the health of underserved populations through strengthening the healthcare Safety Net.  At that time the Affordable Care Act was enacting dramatic changes across the healthcare marketplace  and  many  health  centers  faced  increasing  privatization  of  their  funding  sources.


Today, health centers continue to adapt to uncertain federal policy, increased competition, and rising healthcare costs but shrinking Medicaid budgets.  Starling has now worked with health centers in over 30 states and  we  continue  to  believe  that  health  centers  are  innovators  with solutions  to  offer  the  whole  healthcare  system.




We believe in the safety net.


Starling  Advisors  has  seen  firsthand  the  impact  that  health  centers  and safety  net  providers  play  in  their  communities.  While  the  Accountable Care  Act  (ACA)  has  ushered  in  many  new  opportunities  for  safety  net providers,  the  demands  and  requirements  that  come  with  these  opportunities  often  bring  new  challenges.  Starling  is  here  to   help.


Starling  Advisors  is  the  premier  consulting  firm  working  with  health centers  and  the  safety  net  to  organize  and  develop  new  models  of sustainable,  innovative,  and  community-centered  care.  With  clients  in

over  thirty  states,  strong  partnerships  with  national  organizations  like  the National  Association  of  Community  Health  Centers,  and  a  wide  range  of projects,  Starling  brings  a  significant  and  meaningful resources, experience,  knowledge  to  the  table.


Starling  is  experienced  in  providing  strategic  consultation, technical assistance,  and  support  for  clients  in  several  key  areas:  organizational  and program  development,  financial  optimization,  strategic  planning, PCMH recognition,  partnership  development  with  payers  and  health  systems, clinical  workflows,  clinical  integration  strategies,  data  and HIT  planning, fund  development  and  sustainability  planning.  Starling  also  brings decades  of  training,  facilitation  and  group  consensus  development experience  successfully  guides  the  development  and  implementation  of facilitated  consensus  workshops.



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