Providers  across  the  healthcare  system  are  looking  for  creative  and  sustainable  approaches  to  achieving  the  Triple  Aim  (lower  cost, increased quality,  improved  experience).  However your  organization  is  looking  to  engage  in  innovation,  Starling  is  here  to  help.  
Examples  include:

  • Development of Independent Practice Associations
  • Accountable Care Organization Formation
  • Shared Services Network Development
  • Payment Reform Policy Development, Implementation, and Evaluation
  • Development and Planning of Clinically Integrated Provider Networks
  • Data Analytics and Performance Management Planning
  • Data Exchange Planning
  • Payer Engagement Strategy Development
  • Engaging Boards in Reform Activities
  • Business and Revenue Planning
  • Strategic Planning and Grant Writing
  • Policy Analysis and Regulatory Review and Consultation
  • Strategic Consulting and Thought Leadership for Foundations
  • Educational Sessions and Key Note Presentations


Starling  provides  online  or  in-person  training  for  groups in  part  and  full-day sessions.  Starling  will  work  with  your  group  to  customize  these  sessions  based  on the  health  care  dynamics  in  your  state  or  region.


We  have  educational  content  in  all  of  the  competencies  safety  net providers must  master  in  order  to  succeed  in  increasingly  competitive  local  environments.  We  conduct  training  and  educational  sessions  addressing  network  development, financial  and  organizational  management,  risk  stratification,  attribution,  care management  and  data  analytics.  We  are  able  to  deliver  dynamic  and  interactive  training  both  virtually  or  in  a  live  setting,  and  we  have  versions  of  content designed  for  conference  panel  sessions,  full  day  trainings, or  a  training  series spread  over  time.  We  also  have  extensive  experience  facilitating  learning collaboratives  and  other  cohort  learning  programs.

Our  training  content  includes:

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